STARLETTE Hanging Lamp

The beauty of LED in a different way! The smallest lamp in BUBBLES family, a charming companion which can bring some poetry into your home or working space.

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STARLETTE Hanging Lamp

Starlette hanging lamp is constructed of Bubbles® system developed by PUFF-BUFF. It is made of air-filled parts in transparent electronically welded PVC with LED light-points. Globe-shape lamp is inspired by traditional crystal chandeliers but redefined by use modern material and technology. The air is the main material, which the chandelier is built of. That’s why despite its size the lamp is very lightweight.

Elastic PVC elements filled with air and 24 LED light-points. Glossy finishing. Construction made of polished stainless steel. Fitted with stainless steel suspension cord and transparent electrical cable. The canopy in chromed and brushed steel hides the transformer. Delivered inflated.

The lamp was created for special request of customers, who demanded a small lamp from the BUBBLES series. A small but impressive one, it works perfectly as a single lamp and also multiplied. Very lightweight and energy efficient. Low-voltage transformer is cleverly hidden in the canopy. Construction made of polished stainless-steel.The lamp is available in three shades of white light: cool, neutral or (NEW!) warm-white.

Ø 45 cm / Ø 1’7’’
net weight: 3 kg / 6.6 lb
source of light: 24 led BUBBLES® modules
colour of light: warm-white (2700K), neutral-white (3500 K), cool-white (6500K)
voltage: 240V



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