WORKSHOPPED identifies great Australian design and brings it to local and international attention. The WORKSHOPPED exhibitions are the first step in the process. WORKSHOPPED exhibitions assist in sustaining a creative community. Before the first WORKSHOPPED exhibition in 2001, designers had few avenues in getting their designs in front of the general public. Creating and maintaining successful commercial relationships with industry and the marketplace is also extremely difficult. Many designers who have exhibited at WORKSHOPPED exhibitions have their works in commercial production and exposed to potential buyers. The WORKSHOPPED SHOP presents products designed by Australian designers and available to both wholesale and retail customers.

WORKSHOPPED looks for designers that have identified and considered the issues relating to production, whether limited or mass production and irrespective of the production method.

Designers. Ready to be the next great Australian designer? WORKSHOPPED looks for designers ready to take their ideas through to production. The design should be original and desirable and also the kind of product everyday people can take home and live with.

Presented by the Australian Design Centre


Applications are now closed- please contact the Australian Design Centre for more information


About WORKSHOPPED and Australian Design Centre

Launched in 2000, this exhibition was the very first awards program focusing on furniture, lighting and object design in Australia. Started by a group of friends, with only five designers exhibiting, this small but dedicated team grew WORKSHOPPED into large scale annual events held in various locations in Sydney. 

After two decades, WORKSHOPPED is still leading the way. A champion of the creativity and ingenuity of Australian furniture, lighting and object designers, producing products for global brands to critical acclaim. 

Australian Design Centre is thrilled to present this anniversary edition of WORKSHOPPED. ADC has a long relationship with WORKSHOPPED, including the ADC on Tour exhibition, Resolved: Journeys in Australian Design (2014 – 2017). This exhibition allowed audiences to experience the process of design through the stories of 12 designers.

Over the past 20 years WORKSHOPPED has exhibited the work of more than 500 designers to reach over 600,000 people. Much of the value of exhibiting with WORKSHOPPED is connecting to this large network.