IBIS Standing Light

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Standing Light made from Tasmanian Oak by Stuart Williams

Ibis was inspired by the concept of balance that is used in the engineering and design of construction cranes. I have applied the same principles to this design to create a lamp that can be used as task lighting or as ambient lighting. The design is also made to be flat packed to ensure more efficient and economical transport from manufacturer to its final destination.

Materials: Tasmanian oak, Powder coated Steel and Aluminium.

Shade colors are available in black.
Flex are available in black.


Lead time is approximately 6 weeks. Spec sheet available.

International & Interstate shipping quotes available orders@workshopped.com.au

Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 30 cm

Designer Information

Stuart Williams of Touching Space

I established Touching Space in 2006 and am based on the wild island of Tasmania.
Inspired by wilderness and wonderment, I create objects for the modern world with the environment on my mind in every aspect of my design and manufacturing.
My goal is simple, I try to salvage or source from sustainably harvested sources, and use only biodegradable non-toxic oils. Waste is minimal or re-used.