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The Hola pendant light is a simply exquisite meeting of two beautiful timeless crafts; glass blowing and handmade pottery. A tapered ring of blown coloured glass simply hangs from the edge of an unglazed clay form, celebrating the honesty and texture of theses natural materials.

We work with local Australian glass artists and ceramicists who individually hand crafted the components of each Hola pendant. 

Designed by Bradley Cole

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There’s two different forms available: the taller Hola with saffron coloured glass, and the wider Hola with wine glass. Both have the brown terracotta coloured clay heads. 

Both Hola pendant lights are finished with black hanging cord, and a matching black Australian made ceiling canopy.


Material: Hand blown glass and handmade clay form 

(both made in Australia)

Dimensions: Saffron Hola: 180mm Dia x 250mm Ht

Wine Hola:250mm Dia x 170mm Ht

Light source: 1 x B22 lampholder I 240V

Dimmable LED filament globe recommended

Globes not included

Dimmable: Yes 

Suspension: Black flex, with black 80mm ø x 25mm powdercoated 

spun aluminium ceiling canopy (made in AU)

Lead time: 6 weeks

Please contact us direct for all pricing and trade enquiries orders@workshopped.com.au or 02 91464353

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 40 cm

About bradleycole luminaires

bradleycole luminaires

Lighting provides a wonderful opportunity to enhance the theme and individuality of any space or built form. Our belief is that lighting should be either discrete and functional or wonderfully engaging…nothing in between.

bradleycole luminaires are a range of unique pendant lights designed and proudly produced in Byron Bay, Australia. Often drawing inspiration from the natural world in this especially beautiful locality, Brad’s designs are simple yet elegant organic forms made from clay or blown glass…sometimes both. Driven by a deep belief in sustainable practices, you will also find pendant lights created from recycled or repurposed objects in the bradleycole collection.

We also offer the individual design and fabrication of customised luminaires. Whether you’re looking for an eye catching grand statement piece or brand aligned feature lights, we can design and fabricate customised luminaires for your home or for a specific commercial project. Many of bradleycole one-of commercial lighting designs utilising site specific paraphernalia and found objects in their creation, which subtly reflect and promote the business’ brand and philosophy. Past clients include Suntory, Warrington Property, Little Creatures Brewing, Colonial Leisure Group, and LDU (USA).

Bradley Cole

The grandson of a Croatian fisherman and nephew of a boating enthusiast Brad spent much of his childhood on or in the ocean sailing, snorkeling and fishing. He was surfing by the age of 10, and surfing adventures in the years to follow would lead to a deep connection with nature and his affinity with natural forms, texture and colour.

In his early twenties Brad worked for environmental organisations and studied Environmental Science, film production and architecture at university. He edited a short film about the Aboriginal people of the Great Sandy Desert, which was later used in their land rights claims. He also wrote and recorded the soundtrack for a surf film.

Spending extended time immersed in wilderness, Brad’s study of natural forms and nature’s ability to adapt saw an eco philosophy permeated into his create work. Nature in a sense became his spiritual guide and an obvious design inspiration.

Whilst at university the mid 90s Brad learnt the basics of throwing pottery and produced his first fired clay lights from bisque finished Italian earthenware and La Maiolica white glaze.

In 2001-2002 he collaborated with fellow artist Paul Caporn to win Public Art commissions with their large sculptural works. In 2002-2003 Brad also had solo exhibitions of his explorations with photographic media.

In 2009 Brad was engaged by Little Creatures Brewing to create the lighting for their Dining Hall renovations in Fitzroy VIC. He created pendant lights formed from loose clusters of their Little Creatures pint beer bottles. This was the starting point for bradleycole lunimaires, which evolved into an ever changing range of Bradley Cole products and ongoing lighting commissions.

Lighting Commissions over the years have included working in Dallas TX with local glass blowers, designing a business convention centre piece for Suntory, and a large $30,000 lighting installation for a corporate building owner.

Recently bradleycole luminaires have been working on further reducing our carbon footprint and the ecological impact of our lighting fabrication. As many know all our luminaires are fabricated here in Australia, and the Covid restrictions have only increase our focus on working with local artisians, componentry producers and suppliers. This not only helps reduce transport emissions, but keeps money local and strengthens our sense of community.  Our aim is to eventually join the growing number of carbon neutral businesses.

bradleycole luminaires are already produced with low temperature fired clays, 100% natural non-toxic sealers, 50% recycled acrylic, and we use recycled packaging where possible.