Hayden Youlley Paper Plane Planter 130mm tall


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This work is also about material and the physical embrace, surface, light and the creation of the illusory site. The simple random distribution of crinkles creates complex patterns, light, shade and texture that are inviting to study and touch.

“Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love.” George Bernard Shaw

Unfolded is a series of porcelain pot plants. They are covered with unfolded toys we played with as children. The intricate folds of the unfolded paper planes and chatterboxes remind us of the time it took and care invested to make these toys and fun we had playing with them with our friends and families.

  • each pot has drainage holes in the bottom
  • each pot comes with a saucer included in the price

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Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions14 × 14 × 8 cm

Designer Information

Hayden Youlley
Born 1985, Sydney, Australia Hayden has been studying design at COFA UNSW for four years. Without any prior experience, he boldly chose to major in ceramics and object design. Quickly finding his feet and more importantly his passion, he flourished.

In four years he has developed proficiency in hand building, slab building, coil building, wheel throwing and mould making – skills which have been developed and enhanced further with each project and each exhibition. Curiosity and passion led him overseas to the University of Illinois, where he was able to extend his knowledge of design and clay further, through the intensive hands on approach unique to the Ceramic Department at UI.

After years of study and practice, Hayden believes that life experienced through design should make sense and that the distinction between complexity and complication needs to be rediscovered. Good design practice is now about realizing function with aesthetic integrity without unnecessary complications, so that the products and systems we interact with everyday enable us, instead of frustrate us – that they make us smile.

Hayden believes that good design grows and that it is responsive, intuitive, amusing and aesthetically satisfying. Hayden has always believed there is an intrinsic value to creating to ultimately make someone happy and hopes to instill that in each of his objects, aiming to facilitate pure enjoyment in use. Hayden adheres to the principle that form follows function, acknowledging that form is a subsequent but equally important consideration.

Studying at COFA has instilled in him an understanding of the importance of creating both environmentally and socially sustainable solutions to the design problems posed by the contemporary world. Essentially, he strives to combine techniques of concept and form development with hand crafting or limited batch production to achieve the quality, integrity and aesthetic he desires.

Influenced by an appreciation of life’s vast and diverse experiences and the importance of growing and learning from these, Hayden uses the lightness, translucency, mimicry and texture of porcelain and to push the material and his skills to their very breaking point to find a convergence of crafting and concept, in perfect synchronicity.

Hayden is currently working on lighting, tableware and ornamental designs both in his own practice and in collaboration with upcoming and established designers and craftspeople.