Bubbles Divider

A unique product, which is more than just a lamp. A lightweight screen that can illuminate and decorate windows, walls as well as can act as a translucent, luminous room divider.

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Bubbles lighting screen

Bubbles lighting screen is a transparent room divider constructed of Bubbles® system developed by PUFF-BUFF. The air is the main material, which the screen is built of. That’s why despite its size it’s very lightweight. Bubbles divider is invented for the events, fair, exhibitions, commercial and private interiors. Bubbles Lighting Screen is available in two forms:

-custom-made size divider (measurements according to customer’s order)
-modular sheet W 95cm H 190cm / W 3’1’’ H 8’3’’

1 sq. meter sheet is made of 36 air-filled parts and the same amount of LED light-points. The divider can be mounted to any structure or stretched out on the rod or line. Fitted with transparent electrical cable and the low-voltage transformer in two options:

-in the cover of stainless steel and acrylic – tobe ceiling-mounted or hidden in asuspended ceiling ( in custom-made divider)
-integrated with the plug (in modular sheet).

Delivered inflated.

size: modular sheet W 95cm, H 250cm, D 13cm / W 3’1’’ H 8’3’’ D 5’’
size: custom-made (1 sq.m / 10 sq.ft = 6 x 6 BUBBLES)
net weight: 2,3 kg/1 sq.m 5.0 lb/10 sq.ft
source of light: 36 LED BUBBLES modules / 1 sq.m / 10 sq.ft
colour of light: warm-white (2700K), neutral-white (3500 K), cool-white (6500K)
voltage: 230V / 110VV



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