Aeratron is a small international team focused on the pursuit of one philosophy.

Aeratron’s guiding principle is to create harmony between technology and the natural world through design approaches which benefit human environments and activity. Simple, functional, high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing products is Aeratron’s unwavering objective. Through continued interaction with end-users, architects, engineers, and industry leaders, Aeratron is creating a completely different class of eco-efficient air-moving products.

Since the formation of the Aeratron team in 2008, two models of eco-efficient ceiling fans are now available in many countries including Australia. Details: Aeratron AE 2 and AE 3. Aeratron is developing more eco-efficient and sustainable products that will be available in the marketplace soon.

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When it came to cataloguing our lighting range, Brightgreen shines the brightest. With an innovative team the sought out to create the perfect product by consulting through a team of architects, engineers, electricians and designers to find what really makes the most wonderful and efficient lighting interior.

Through a process of trailing and testing, experimenting with colours, textures, fittings and furniture Brightgreen re-engineered all their control systems and recalibrated the optical physics on each of their lenses. Brightgreen sought out to make the perfect set of lighting tools to make your environment flourish.

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Coco Flip

Coco Flip is personality plus! Our team at workshopped adore their fun, and colourful designs that pop! With a design studio based in Melbourne the team at Coco Flip live by the moto that a purchase should be a purchase for life, and so do we.

Kate Stokes and Haslett Grounds are a team of designers who create unique, tasteful and innovative design’s that just couldn’t come from anyone else. With a dedication to crafting furniture and lighting for the people who appreciate wonderful products and enjoy celebrating the good thing’s life has to offer.

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Copper ID

Edward Linacre and Viktor Legin are Copper. They create objects, furnishings and bespoke commissions of exceptional innovation and material qualify. Products that retain value for generations. Australian design, manufactured for the highest standard.


A beautifully treasured and respected innovative company that creates treasured furniture and lighting for homes and businesses. Executed in the magical New Zealand, Designtree works with a variety of clients on interior and exterior design products and projects.

Much like our team of dedicated experts, founders, Rebecca Asquith and Tim Wigmore combine their passion and talent for design to create objects, relationships and experiences for well-loved cliental and environments. All crafted by the strongest tree’s grown in the most majestic forests New Zealand has to offer, their thoughtful and wonderfully designed air looms promise to last and be treasured through many lifetimes.

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Garema Lighting

Garema Lighting, the home of Landscape Lighting Solutions. With industry-leading expertise in architectural lighting and the backing of world-class Hunza and LuxR products, we are indeed your one-stop for all architectural and landscaping illumination.


Hunt is South Australia’s answer to beautiful design, starting with heart-warming notions that have now led to mouth-watering designs.

Max Hunt, migrated from England to Australia at a very young age, inspiring him to develop an interest in art, design and computer tech, studying industrial design at the University of South Australia. He had always wondered though, “how can I design products that I can afford?” “How can I close the gap and draw everyday Australians to authentic design?” This was the moment Hunt was born and why they still manage to produce us authentic Australian designs, all simple, elegant, accessible and most of all affordable!

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HUNZA Lighting

At Hunza, we take pride in making high quality outdoor and architectural lighting products, engineered in New Zealand from the best materials, including natural copper, 316 stainless steel, and machine-grade alloys. Hunza Luminaires are weatherproof in any climate and combine extreme durability with timeless styling, a full choice of energy-efficient lamp options and a host of features to enhance customer safety and ease of use.

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Life Space Journey

A Melbourne based company that takes a very hands on approach to all design fundamentals through extensive research and learning. They honour themselves in understanding materials, amalgamating trades, observing and mastering the art of metal fabrication, woodworking, plastics, leather work, ceramics and glass work… Yes they do it all! Delivering fantastic, fast and innovating designs.

Lighting Republic

Established in 2012, Lighting Republic, an Australian owned company opened its inaugural offices in the heart of trendy Hong Kong.

The international proximity and sophisticated manufacturing, design and logistical advantages of Hong Kong played a vital role in the initial success of the Lighting Republic brand.

Lighting Republic products are designed for a transitional and timeless style with a strong focus on using quality materials and refined artisan manufacturing techniques.

LuxR Lighting

LuxR light fittings are ingeniously crafted to harness the advantages of LED technology, incorporating a host of unique innovations to minimise energy use, reduce maintenance requirements and simplify installation. The discrete size of the LuxR product range ensures that the right level of light can be delivered where you want it, in a way that optimises the natural ambiance of your environment.

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EID Fans

EID Fans is a family run business with over 50 years of experience in the electrical field. You will find a great selection of ceiling fans including outdoor ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights and brand new DC motor ceiling fans that are beautifully manufactured to suit both indoor and outdoor settings with a modern and contemporary design.

Nightworks Studio

Nightworks® was founded in New Zealand in 2019 by husband and wife team, Ben and Kiri Wahrlich. Originally established in 2008 in Sydney, Australia – as award winning lighting studio ANAESTHETIC, we quickly established a loyal following for our original designs worldwide. After returning to New Zealand in 2017 we sought to refresh our brand to echo a modern Kiwi lifestyle and thus, Nightworks® was born.

All products are hand crafted with a very individual and technical approach to design, made possible by their strong understanding of engineering techniques. Ensuring true blue, Australian greatness

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PUFF-BUFF makes original, innovative lamps designed to add some spice to life. Launched in 2004 by industrial and interior designer Anna Siedlecka and architect and lightning designers Radek Achramowicz, PUFF-BUFF is well-known for lamps and spectacular chandeliers made of air-filled parts and LED diodes. Their pieces are inspired by the styles of the ’60s and ’70s, and always handcrafted in PUFF-BUFF’s studio-workshop in Warsaw.

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TH Brown

From the 1950’s TH Brown produced many of the most sought-after mid-century, retro furniture pieces ever produced in Australia. The most famous designs were the iconic range of Danish Bar Stools and Martelle Bar Stools produced from the mid-1950’s through to the 1970’s.

We’re bringing these iconic stool designs into the 21st century – whilst staying true to the soul of the original and enhancing sustainability and durability. Produced under license in Adelaide by Workspace Commercial Furniture, under the careful eye of the 3rd generation of TH Brown’s family, each stool is hand finished to the same exacting standards as the original craftsmen.

These iconic stools are the among the most coveted Australian mid-century pieces ever produced. The original examples have become heirlooms and are seen in many magazines, exhibitions and design showrooms around the world.

These unmistakable pieces are not replicas, but a thoughtful evolution of TH Brown’s original vision. The gold-standard of iconic Australian design.

Tide Design

We are committed to the design and production of high quality, handmade, unique furniture, designed and built to provide an enduring appeal.

TIDE Design was soon to follow and was established to market the handmade furniture that we are so passionate about creating and sharing. And since that time it has all been about developing our range and style.

We were, and continue to be, inspired by simplicity, attention to detail, quality design and manufacturing, and most importantly, individuality.

We’ve come a long way since those humble beginnings, but the guiding principles remain. Browse the catalogue and we’re confident you’ll be able to see what we’re on about.

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Satelight Design

An award-winning lighting design studio based in Melbourne, that embodies the language of light in all its many forms.  Specialists in modern lighting, decorative lampshades and commercial LED light fittings.

We create bespoke custom lighting solutions for clients in the commercial, office and hospitality sectors, with a highly technical, end-to-end service for individual projects and briefs. We also offer a range of off-the-shelf products in modern lighting, decorative lampshades and commercial LED light fittings for a diverse range of interiors, with an extensive range of materials, shapes and sizes from fabric, metal and timber.

Designing and manufacturing since 1998, we’re a small team with a big focus on supporting local design content. All our work is touched by hand with the highest commitment to craftsmanship, lovingly designed and manufactured from our studio in Melbourne. We are passionate about giving support so that our local industry can grow, as well as working with our loyal clients all over the world.

Fink Design

F!NK + Co. was established by Robert Foster in 1993 in Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia, with the aim of creating a design and manufacturing business that would support and generate opportunities for Australian designer-makers. Joined by Gretel Harrison in 1995, together they built F!NK + Co. into the business it is today – a much loved and respected Australian design company with an international reputation for producing world-class tableware, hollowware, jewellery and lighting.

bradleycole luminaires

“Lighting provides a wonderful opportunity to enhance the theme and individuality of any space or built form. Our belief is that lighting should be either discrete and functional or wonderfully engaging…nothing in between. Often drawing inspiration from the natural world in this especially beautiful locality” Brad said

Brad’s designs are simple yet elegant organic forms made from clay or blown glass…sometimes both. Driven by a deep belief in sustainable practices, you will also find pendant lights created from recycled or repurposed objects in the bradleycole collection.

Recently bradleycole luminaires have been working on further reducing the carbon footprint and the ecological impact of their lighting fabrication. All luminaires are fabricated here in Australia, and the Covid restrictions have only increased the focus on working with local artisians, componentry producers and suppliers. This not only helps reduce transport emissions, but keeps money local and strengthens the sense of community.  The aim is to eventually join the growing number of carbon neutral businesses.

bradleycole luminaires are already produced with low temperature fired clays, 100% natural non-toxic sealers, 50% recycled acrylic, with use of recycled packaging where possible.


Individuality, reliability and commitment are just some factors the heart of our team consider when it comes to hunting down and working magic with our designers.

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David Pidcock

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