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Durable, multi-purpose solid timber hand-made flat-pack furniture.

TED brings multi functionality to the modern lived in environment. It can be used as a stool, a side table or in a shelving system. The unique construction system which makes TED so versatile as a piece of furniture also allows for each TED to nest and stack neatly away economising on storage footprint when not in use.

TED comes to the user in a neat flat pack of 3 ‘L’ shaped sections. It utilises a unique construction method which integrates modern technologies with an understanding of traditional joinery techniques, attaining a modern minimalist yet sturdy design. Although each TED is hand made each one is made precisely allowing for the user to interchange each section of each stool. This allows for an array of colour combinations from the different base colour choices.

Lead Time: 8 weeks


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Weight3 kg
Dimensions17 × 45 × 45 cm

Designer Information

Jye Edwards

Trained at the Australian School of Fine Furniture under the guidance of master craftsmen Neil Erasmus, Jye has utilised the traditional knowledge and skills learnt, applying them in new ways to create his pieces.

After working in various workshops since graduating, and making bespoke furniture and cabinetry for private clients around Sydney and Byron Bay, Jye is now based in Hobart, working from a shared workshop, Designed Objects Tasmania (DOT), exploring the potential of quality production furniture.

Launching his first furniture product, TED in August 2013. TED has already won the accolade of the Design Tasmania Award, and is increasing its reach throughout the nation. Jye’s goal is to keep learning, exploring and sharing the knowledge and experiences of his design path.