Piemen Float Trays


Manufacturer: Dessein Furniture

DesignerMarcus Piper
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An elegant and stylish centrepiece for living spaces and table settings. Mix and
match from a range of sizes which come with and without tea-light holders.

MaterialBlackwood, Walnut and Oak
Dimensions99 L x 99 W / 198 L x 99 W / 198 L x 198 W / 396 L x 99 W – all 20 H

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Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 30 cm

Material Finishing

Marcus Piper is a man ready to cultivate a world class manufacturing and design scene in a country still unearthing its identity. He sees a nation open to new ideas and working with Dessein offers him the chance to build a bold vision for Australian design – with the guts to actually do it.

Materials Blackwood, Walnut and Oak

The Pieman Float Trays

The Pieman Float Trays

The Pieman Float Trays