NECTAR Half Pendant


Eco Friendly Pendant made in New Zealand

Manufacturer: Designtree

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Nectar lamp shade Designer: Rebecca Asquith

Hexagonal shapes are prolific throughout nature. Most notably, these shapes are seen in the hive of the honey bee. A honeycomb cell is one of nature’s most efficient designs – there is not one unnecessary surface. The cell is strong, structurally sound, and very light compared with the volume of delicious liquid that is stored within.
Made from lightweight felted polyester, the Nectar lamp shade draws its inspiration from the beehive. The soft and simple form resonates with us tapping into the deep and ancient association we have with bees. During the day it is a soft reminder of the beauty of nature and the amazing strength of the honeycomb structure. At night the Nectar comes alive with a warm and comforting inner glow that also highlights the structure and craftsmanship of the shade.
The Nectar lamp shade comes in two sizes – ‘Full’ and ‘Half’ as well as three colours.
Made in: New Zealand
Half Small: 270mmH x 360mmW x 360mmL
Half Large: 460mmH x 720mmW x 720mmL
Materials: 100% polyester fibre, steel spider
Colours: Light grey, Dark grey, Orange, Mustard.
– The shade material provides excellent acoustic absorbency.

– The shade material is UV stabilised to resist colour fading and moisture damage. This material is also: non-toxic, non-allergenic, highly durable and easy to clean.

– The shade is made from 100% recycled and recyclable PET (approximately 90% post consumer waste) and carries certifications that can contribute to Green Star ratings.

– Can come as a flat packed kitset to minimise packaging materials and to reduce its size for transport.  Assembly required.

– It is cleverly constructed in such a way that it does not require any glue or clips for its assembly or any frame work to keep its shape, apart from a steel ring top and bottom.

– Die cut with the parts tightly nested together to minimise waste.

– All off-cuts from the production process are taken back by the manufacturer to be recycled into new material.


For enquiries and prices please contact workshopped at or 02 91464353

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm
Nectar Colour

Dark Grey, Grey, Mustard, Orange


Large [+$200.00], Small

Designer Information

Designtree began late one night in a small studio in industrial Wellington. Rebecca and Tim were both running our own design practises from our shared studio. “Why not just amalgamate it all into one entity?” Rebecca asked. Tim read between the lines and a few months later asked her to marry him. She said yes but she was also serious about joining their companies together.
They are now growing to collaborate with other designers and institutions to build a solid body of thoughtful and beautiful work.
Designtee is a flexible design studio. Rebecca and Tim work with established and emerging designers as well as graduates to keep things fresh. It’s an exciting and diverse place to be – the work is often challenging but seldom boring.

Designer/maker Rebecca Asquith is based in Wellington, New Zealand where she produces contemporary design objects.

Growing up in the small coastal village of Waitara, Taranaki, Rebecca developed a love of nature and a deep respect for the environment. She draws inspiration from her Te-Atiawa roots (North Taranaki Maori Tribe – Iwi) and from the forms and processes of nature.

Fundamental to her design ethos is the creation of high quality innovative design objects using eco-friendly design and high quality sustainable materials.

Rebecca produces her environmentally conscious objects using responsible design to minimize waste, allow for ease of separation of materials for repair and recycling, use recycled and eco friendly materials, and designing work to collapse for ease of transport and the reduction of packaging materials.

Passionate about preserving the natural environment and exploring both traditional and cutting edge craft and fabrication techniques to make beautiful objects with an environmental conscience.