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Nautilus lamp shade designed by Rebecca Asquith

Inspired by a nautilus seashell, the kit-set Nautilus hanging lampshade rolls back into itself to mimic the complex organic form of the nautilus shell.
When the lamp is switched on, light filters through the layers of timber to give a warm glow and provide soft illumination to the surrounding area. A beautiful pattern is draped over surrounding surfaces, contouring and subtly activating your space. From its flat-packed state, the Nautilus can easily be assembled within minutes to create a stunning feature lampshade.
Made in: New Zealand
Small: 380mmD x 290mmW x 410mmH
Medium: 445mmD x 390mmW x 505mmH
Materials: Australian hoop pine plywood, stainless steel spider and nuts, plastic rivets
Colours: Natural pine Red Stain + optional color in Black and Red
– The shade is made from 100% plantation-grown Australian Hoop Pine Plywood. AFS certified
– The plywood has been laser cut. This means the parts can be nested tightly together when cutting to minimise waste. It also means that every part is accurate in its dimensions every time it is produced
– It comes flat packed to minimise packaging materials and is easy to transport
– This kit-set is able to be assembled in 10 to 15 minutes by following the instructions provided

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions10 × 30 × 30 cm

Designer Information

Designtree began late one night in a small studio in industrial Wellington. Rebecca and Tim were both running our own design practises from our shared studio. “Why not just amalgamate it all into one entity?” Rebecca asked. Tim read between the lines and a few months later asked her to marry him. She said yes but she was also serious about joining their companies together.
They are now growing to collaborate with other designers and institutions to build a solid body of thoughtful and beautiful work.

Designtee is a flexible design studio. Rebecca and Tim work with established and emerging designers as well as graduates to keep things fresh. It’s an exciting and diverse place to be – the work is often challenging but seldom boring.